Instructions for scheduling cases in the cath lab

Log in to You can only get to this from a computer that is within the UTMCK office network. Your username and password will be the same ones that you log into your computer or PowerChart at work. When you get to the calendar, select the little calendar button to choose the date of the procedure.
Make sure you have the right attending selected at the bottom of this window. The pink dates are when they are doing procedures, the orange are for structural days, and the purple ones are for TEE days.
Dr. Perkel has a procedure day on March 6, so we selected that day. We can see that he has Room 2 that day. Uh oh! it looks like he is doing a lot of procedures already. Let's pick a different day. Click the little calendar icon again.
Let's try March 20 this time.
Great! Dr. Perkel only has one procedure in Room 2 at 9 AM. Let's make a request for his second cath of the day at 11 AM. Click the Request Procedure button. You can request procedures in any room, but try to choose the room that your attending has that day.
When requesting a procedure, you can click on the Procedure Type Category to narrow down your choices.
To select the time of the procedure, click on the hour at the top and then the minute on the second line. We are selecting 11 AM because he has a cath already at 9 AM.
For some procedures like a pacemaker, you need to select a device company (Boston Scientific for example). You can attach the device rep to this procedure if you want. The device rep will get a text message when the procedure gets approved. You should also communicate with the device rep and tell them the patient name, etc., because their text message will only contain the time and date (not the patient name).
You can see that we added this request to the calendar and it is highlighted pink. Requests will remain pink until they are approved. You can always call 9064 to speak to Karen about procedure scheduling if there is a problem.
You can click on your Dashboard at the top of the screen and see the status of all your requests, including ones that were recently denied. For a denied request, you will have to enter it back into the calendar again, perhaps on a different date.
Select your profile to choose how you are notified when a request is approved. Also, please note the help button, which is always available at the top right of your screen.
The default is to send you a text on your phone as well as an email. You can change that.