Instructions for Listmakers

If you are not on campus, open the GENERAL Desktop App from Citrix Workspace. If you don't have Citrix Workspace on your computer, choose Connect to UTMCK From Home from the Instructions menu at the top of this page for instructions how to install it.

If you need to install Citrix Workspace click here

Open PowerChart and log in. On the GENERAL Virtual Desktop, go into the folder For Listmakers Only. The UC Hospital List Utility is inside this folder.

Open the UC Hospital List Utility. The FIRST STEP is to look through the hospital list and make sure everything looks OK. The only patients that should have PROC in the Service column are patients that are coming in for a cath or procedure in the future. If these future patients don't have PROC, then please add the PROC to the Service column (you can probably tell that they are a future patient by looking at the notes column- it will say something like Cath On Monday). ONLY ADD PROC if the patient is NOT in the hospital (they are coming in tomorrow or Monday). If the patient is CURRENTLY IN the hospital, remove the PROC and just leave it blank. Look over all the data in all the columns. On weekends, you might see a /CHF in the Service column, but if it is the weekday, someone may have meant to write /CHF in the Attendings column instead.

Pull up the master hospital list in PowerChart (UT Memorial Hospital) and make sure you have configured this correctly so that all of the patients in the hospital are on this list. MAKE SURE YOU ON ON THE CORRECT LIST- IT SHOULD SAY UT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. This is a list of all the patients that are in the hospital. If a patient is not on this list, that means they are not in the hospital.

Note: if you need to configure the UT Master Hospital List in PowerChart click here

Click the Delete Discharged Patients button.

You will have to click on a patient in the PowerChart UT Master Hospital List, then click Ctrl-A to select all the patients, then click Ctrl-C to copy the information to the computer clipboard. There are also small buttons to select all patients and copy patients to the clipboard if you would rather click those buttons. The computer will pull data from the FOURTH COLUMN of this list in powerchart which should be the medical record number.

Go back to the hospital list utility and click OK. The computer will compare the hospital list to the data you copied from PowerChart. Please make sure the patients are really not in the hospital before you delete them from the list. Sometimes a patient may have the wrong medical record number. FOR EVERY PATIENT THAT IS GOING TO BE DELETED, TRY TO FIND THEM IN THE UT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MASTER LIST IN POWERCHART, AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE NOT IN THE HOSPITAL SOMEWHERE BEFORE DELETING THEM FROM THE LIST. Also, there are some patients that are added to the list because they have a cath later today or tomorrow- usually these patients don't have a room number and in the Notes it says they are having a cath today- you should leave them on the list until the cath is complete. Make sure to write PROC in the Service column.

If you accidentally delete a patient, you can change the date of the list to yesterday's list, and see everyone that was on the list as of midnight. Remember to change the date back to today when you are through looking. You can also go to the Inpatient Service Assigner- log in with your email and same password you use for the online calendar- and click on the Discharged Patients menu to see recently deleted patients. You can click on the Assigments tab to see patients that were recently added to the list. You can also call Dr. Mahlow (865) 387-1585 if you need help (try to wait until after 6 AM).

The Inpatient Service Assigner website can be found on or click here

Click Update Room Numbers button and go through this process. It is similar to the Delete Discharged Patients process; you have to select all patients on the UT Hospital Master List and copy that data to the clipboard.

If today is Saturday or Sunday, click Assign Weekend Temp Services. This will make sure every patient is assigned to the Acker, London, or Rawson service (at least temporarily) on the weekend. If today is Monday, click Remove Weekend Temp Services. Also remove any WP's (weekend pass) from the Service column on Monday.

Look at the PerfectServe phone or log into the Cardiology MA On-Call PerfectServe account (username and password can be found on the Inpatient Service Assigner webpage). Distribute all the non-urgent overnight consults equally between London and Rawson, and if they are in the ICU, put them on Acker. Make sure to update the CORES list and assign a PerfectServe contact when you do this.

Click Print and enter your name when prompted. You will also be prompted to upload the census data to the server. This should be done once each morning. If you have to redo it, that is OK as long as it is still early in the morning before anyone has rounded.

On Mondays, you will also be prompted to rebalance the London and Rawson services; click OK to do this once each Monday. It will change some patients from London to Rawson or vice versa. You will have to change the patient's service in CORES. Starting in January 2023, the rebalancing day will change to Thursday.

When you change a patient's service, you should also change their PerfectServe Contact to the appropriate fellow.

After you click Print, Microsoft Excel will open up with the list. You can choose File -> Export -> Create PDF. You can save the PDF to your desktop, then open up a web browser and go to your email (, and send that PDF as an attachment to the group.

The emergency backup folder containing all the old hospital list excel files is found at the directory \\uhsdata\Cardiology\Data\Backup\Hospital Rounding Lists; this directory is displayed at the bottom of the webpage