Attending Holiday Call Schedules

Holiday Name 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
New Years M/V2 (*) J2/M4 T/S (B covers S) W/S2 L/P (G covers L) I/V2 (P2 covers I)
Christmas L/P I/V2 J2/M4 T/S W/S2 (B covers W,G covers S2) L/P
Memorial Day/Labor Day W/H2, W/C2 L/P (T covers L on Labor Day) I/V2 J2/M4 (G covers J2 on Labor Day; P2 covers M4 on Memorial and Labor Days) T/S W/S2 (G covers W on Memorial Day)
Thanksgiving G/S W/S2 L/P (P2 covers P) I/V2 J2/M4 T/S
July 4th J2/B G/S W/S2 L/P I/V2 (P2 covers V2) J2/M4

(*) Not a full week; inpatient service not started yet.

Interventionalists Schedule:

2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
New Years D O V K R R3
Labor Day and PCI around Thanksgiving R3 D O R K V
Christmas V R3 D O R K
Memorial Day and PCI around New Years K V R3 D O R
Thanksgiving R K V R3 D O
July 4th and PCI around Christmas O R* K V* R3 D

* For 2023: R does July 4, V does PCI around Xmas. For 2025: V does July 4, R does PCI around Xmas

PCI "around" the holiday means PCI-DAY for the 2 days before and 2 days after the holiday, and PCI-NIGHT on a Thursday night if that is within the peri-holiday period. Weekend days are exempt from this (the weekend ACKER attending covers PCI).

Notes: V and R switched New Years 2024 and New Years 2026. V and R switched July 4th 2023 and July 4th 2025.

Holiday CT Reading Schedule:

Below are the years in which each attending had a holiday assigned. Over time we will try to keep the holiday assignments equal.

Attending New Years Day Week Memorial Day Week July 4th Week Labor Day Week Thanksgiving Week Christmas Week
Chua 2024
Kassira 2024
Thompson 2024
Villarosa 2025
Randall 2024