Attending Holiday Call Schedules

Holiday Name 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
New Years M/V2 (*) J2/M4 T/S (B covers S) W/S2 L/P (G covers L) I/V2 (P2 covers I)
Christmas L/P I/V2 J2/M4 T/S W/S2 (B covers W,G covers S2) L/P
Memorial Day/Labor Day W/H2, W/C2 L/P (T covers L on Labor Day) I/V2 J2/M4 (G covers J2 on Labor Day; P2 covers M4 on Memorial and Labor Days) T/S W/S2 (G covers W on Memorial Day)
Thanksgiving G/S W/S2 L/P (P2 covers P) I/V2 J2/M4 T/S
July 4th J2/B G/S W/S2 L/P I/V2 (P2 covers V2) J2/M4

(*) Not a full week; inpatient service not started yet.

Interventionalists Schedule:

2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
New Years D O V K R R3
Labor Day and PCI around Thanksgiving R3 D O R K V
Christmas V R3 D O R K
Memorial Day and PCI around New Years K V R3 D O R
Thanksgiving R K V R3 D O
July 4th and PCI around Christmas O R* K V* R3 D

* For 2023: R does July 4, V does PCI around Xmas. For 2025: V does July 4, R does PCI around Xmas

PCI "around" the holiday means PCI-DAY for the 2 days before and 2 days after the holiday, and PCI-NIGHT on a Thursday night if that is within the peri-holiday period. Weekend days are exempt from this (the weekend ACKER attending covers PCI).

Notes: V and R switched New Years 2024 and New Years 2026. V and R switched July 4th 2023 and July 4th 2025.